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The man behind ArsenicLime

Hi! My name is Michiel.

I'm a weird little nugget from the awesome country of Belgium.

We have fries, chocolate and beer. So we win.

I've had my little spot on the internet ever since I was a little 14 year old boy. And like life itself, it's gone trough some changes.

But hey, glad to see you in this version of me!

At this point in time, it best reflects me. I guess.

But I guess you want to know a little bit more about me?

Then let's dive into this wicked mind of me...

ArsenicLime.Blogs ... well, sometimes.

Website updates
There's been some behind the scenes action going on lately!We made some under the hood updates, which include but are not limited to:Added more collections to make it easier to find the right productChanged general webshop layoutUpdated pictures...
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The Spanish Chapter
Both me and the hubby are considered to be structered people who love to plan stuff out and have control over the situation.Luckily we can break out of this 'box' once in a while, and we clearly did during this pandemic.Why? Well, we bought...
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Welcome to my mind!
Now that you're here, don't be scared! I know my mind can be a bit... all over the place.We've created this little spot on the web for you to stay informed on all things ArsenicLime.So I hope you find whatever you're looking for!L...
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