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The Spanish Chapter

Both me and the hubby are considered to be structered people who love to plan stuff out and have control over the situation.

Luckily we can break out of this 'box' once in a while, and we clearly did during this pandemic.

Why? Well, we bought a house in Spain. Blindly.

Up to this day we haven't seen it for real yet, and we didn't even sign the deed ourselves - we gave power of attorney to our lawyer.

The whole thing is totally out of our comfort zone, but that's what makes it even more awesome.

But here it is, our holiday home... Our second house, near Granada. A new place, a new chapter, that we are looking forward to decorate and make our own.

I'm planning on driving down there very soon to get started on this project so the hubby and I can move all the stuff we've been collecting in July, hopefully.

Moving everything we've been collecting in the past few weeks will be a challenge, because it's a lot. Really, our garage and kitchen is filled with stuff. Repurposed stuff, second hand stuff, vintage stuff,... We're trying to fill it up with furniture and decorations that other people are getting rid of, because the world already throws out so many things... We're trying to be smart about it. And the fact that it saves us quite a penny is also good, although vintage furniture has its price too we learned.

So yeah, exciting stuff coming up! I'm very curious to find out how it's going to feel when I set foot there for the first time, but I'm feeling very happy about it.

In the end, this whole thing is about following your dreams. We decided we wanted to surprise ourselves, that we wanted a second home, and that we wanted an escape from the rat race in the sun. So we jumped, and together the hubby and I will keep jumping.

We might be bumping into a wall or two, but it's the bruises that make you pay attention.

So let me raise the glass to our future, to a life in Spain next to our life in Belgium, to joy and perseverance, to keeping the dream going.

Live life, love life. Always.